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Cap Paint


Brought it with HKD$10 in Megabox. Then I went home and found out how bad the quality is(shape’s uglily crooked…), sosad. So I paint on it. Now it’s better. Does it worth more then $10 now? um…Nope. So, I’ll keep it.

Unicorn In Captivity

Here sits the Unicorn
In captivity;
His bright invulnerability
Captive at last;
The Chase long past,
Winded and spent,
By the king’s spears rent;
Collared and tied
To a pomengranate tree–
Here sits the Unicorn
In captivity,
Yet free.Here sits the Unicorn;
His overtakelessness
Bound by a circle small
As a maid’s embrace;
Ringed by a round corral;
Pinioned in place
By a fence of scarlet rail,
Fragile as a king’s crown,
Delicately laid down
Over horn, hoofs, and tail,
As a butterfly net
Is lightly set.He could leap the corral,
If he rose
To his full height;
He could splinter the fencing light,
With three blows
Of his porcelain hoofs in flight–
If he chose.
He could shatter his prison wall,
Could escape them all–
If he rose,
If he chose.

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Great Discovery about the Universe


First Earth-Sized Exoplanet Discovered – ScienceNOW

Astronomers have announced the discovery of an extrasolar planet not much larger than Earth—the smallest exoplanet yet found. Although the world orbits too close to its sun to sustain life, the finding is a milestone in the quest to find out how common Earth-sized, habitable planets really are. It also shows that, with some luck and some innovative new technology, astronomers could be announcing the discovery of a habitable Earth-like exoplanet within a few years.

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working in NASA is really cool.

collision detection: October 2008 Archives


the invisibility cloaks all work by hacking the wave nature of light. The cloak consists of a round barrier around an object that takes incoming waves of light — microwave or visible — and reforms them, almost perfectly, on the other side of the barrier. Since the waves coming out have the same shape as the waves going in, presto: The object becomes invisible.

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Why Would the Nature Conservancy Engage with an Oil Company? | Cool Green Science: The Conservation Blog of The Nature Conservancy


I for one am not ready — based on this one event, whose impacts and causes are as yet unknown — to abandon the idea of conservation working with the energy industry. In fact, although we have never engaged with BP or other energy companies on their offshore Gulf drilling, maybe we should have — we might have been able to help site their activities to reduce the risk to the Gulf’s globally significant habitats.

I have to admit: My friend’s concern about “conspiring with the enemy” irked me. This is not an issue of environment versus energy – people need both. “Working with” does not mean “selling out.” Anyone who drives a car is a supporter of the oil industry — should we propose no one drives?

Look, I know that energy extraction is sometimes environmentally damaging, just as roads, ports, biofuels and even desert solar panels can be. In fact, Conservancy scientists engage with the energy industry precisely because that industry does often harm the environment.

But the point is: We need energy and we also need nature — we have to figure out how to do this energy thing with minimal environmental damage. We have to find the right energy policies and regulations that help meet the United States’ need for fuel and protect our natural ecosystems and the

livelihoods they provide.

And at the Conservancy, our scientists work with our policy experts to not just do science, but to help inform policy. The reason I love my job (and I even love getting angry e-mails about “selling out”) is because we do science that is in the thick of it — science that uses our on-the-ground data and experience to understand impacts and tradeoffs and advise the most creative and pragmatic policy thinkers I have ever worked with, all in the service of nature and the benefits it gives us.

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Earth Day is so much more than an event or a day on the calendar.  It marks our commitment to protecting our environment the generations to come.

So I ask you again, what does Earth Day mean to you? How did you celebrate? Have you made the commitment to take action every day? I have!

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Earth day is such a great opportunity for everyone of us to do more things to help our planet.