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Tribute to Linkin Park – Castle of Glass


This is a school assignment of a music video review. Also a tribute to the band by a huge fan.

note: If you haven’t seen the video yet, do not read this. Its always better to watch the art piece before looking through another person’s opinions.

A uniformed officer’s message to the family of a deceased serviceman, a broken boy’s despair of a broken promise. The video starts with a quiet and poignant scene.

The boy, who appears to be the protagonist of the video, pace back to his house in slow motion as the painful silence morphs into the melodic intro of the song. Through the lonely corridor, a frustrated push in a vase pours numerous crystals beads of white and blue over the floor which creates a fairly nice visual effect with cold color. The voice of the lead vocalist – Mike Shinoda begins to sing as the glittering crystals slip through under his feet.(Mike’s expression is truly priceless, I’d have to say, that he must’ve mesmerized a lot of fans with his likeness here) As he sings with his signature magnetic voice, the white ceiling above his head shatters into pieces one by one, offering another fairly enjoyable visual effect as well as resonance of emotions to the song.

The chorus sings and the boy’s loneliness matches the sense of the lyrics perfectly. The music video then sets off with a remarkable drop of metallic guitar chords and strong break of splattering glasses piercing through the bandmates and my computer screen. Which hits like like a massive wave. And there it goes, the unstoppable train of effusive catharsis rushes through the air scattered in fragments of the “castle of glass” and then to the  highlighted refrains.

The story moves on as the band members scene turns back to the scene where the boy is looking over his father’s bedroom. Theres a hand written letter which I couldn’t actually read but my guess is something like “Dear son, when you read this I’m probably in heaven…” that is to reassure his boy not to grief because he was very proud to be a warfighter. There is a medal of honor, which I’m not sure if I could call it a product placement(The video game is involved in the production of this MV). And there is a nice cream-colored cap with a cool frog skeleton printed on it. Meanwhile, as the boy looks at the cap with endless yearning of his dearest father, there is this special scene where everything including the splattering glasses freeze and the intensity of the music halts. Then Chester would sing softly “’cause I’m only a crack in this castle of glass, hardly anything else I need to be” as he delicately grabs a piece of glass in the air and then put it back to let it flow back to the restored motion after the line finishes. What a brilliant attempt to implicate the look at the pain in the past and to let go and carry on! Also the act of putting on the cap represents the boy’s determination to succeed his father’s role and legacy.

Moreover, I like how the ending echoes the opening where the boy grows up to join the air force and becomes the man to inform families of the deceased soldiers.

To sum up, this MV is a great production of astounding graphics, realistic storyline with extended metaphors and well-conceived messages. And the compelling sensibility of the song fits so perfectly i can feel the poignancy in it. As well as a kind eulogy to war-fighters.

And don’t forget to leave a comment! Anything, including to discuss about the art or improve my writing skills, is welcomed.;)


Video Games – The New Media


Evolve. from kewagi on Vimeo.

I have to admit that I was one of those video game addicts when I was a kid. However, I haven’t been playing video games ever since I’m up to form three. The main reason why I stopped this hobby is that I wanted to focus on my study. So I didn’t play redstone, Gundam Seed PS3 or NDS for about three years. And I’m glad that I did.

But now looking at this video, I started a new perspective toward video gaming. It influence people really effectively indeed. I remember I learned so much english when I play online games and I have learned various knowledge of the animals in the zookeeper game as well! LOL, video game sure is fun. We don’t have to reject it but just don’t be addictive to it. Everything has its bad consequences when you’re using it wrongly or in excess. With that said, We ought to find the right way to use video games so we can get a full benefit(other than fun) of this new media.

Jane Goodall helps humans and animal live together


“There is no sharp line between humans and the rest of the animal kingdom. Its a very very blurry line. And its getting more blurry as we make even more observation.” – Jane Goodall

And many people are still having the concept that humans are very far from the animals because with their technology they can do whatever they want from nature. While some of the animals are even better than us in some particular ways, for example they’ll work so hard for food, for survival and their whole life. What about us? We have have a problem called uneven distribution of wealth in our city of china. Same thing happened to the globe. And how we get those free water, excess food, easy habitats? Scrambling the land. Take from nature. Take from the animals. But some of us just take them for granted and waste them all. We thought their environment threat is their own business. But we’re actually a whole family. Our well-being will influence each other through the food chain, the web of life. So how can we say that we’re separated by our differences or position?

Death Cab For Cutie – Home Is A Fire


This is one of the good music shared by Mike on his blog. I love it. I just can’t help falling in love with these epic, says it all lyrics:

Plates they will shift
Houses will shake
Fences will drift
We will awake Only to find…
Nothings the same Nothings the same…

With walls built up around us
The bricks make me nervous
They’re only so strong love…

The chorus simply makes me think of natural disaster(earthquake) and the end of the world. Reminds us that the things we are having right now is not taken for granted. Our world could be destroyed in a wink of eye. So we should cherish what we are having right now. Thats what I think about this song. Do you feel the same too? Actually I don’t understand some of the lyrics. Hope that someday i’ll find the meaning. I love figuring out meanings in musics.

Jeremy Fish – The Ambush


Mike shared with us the artist – Jeremy Fish on his blog yesterday. Now this is my second favorite artist other than Mike. I like the style so much. The way he draw the characters are so lovely yet fine. it kind of have an optimistic feel. And the background is simply adorable. Night forest not only looks cool but also makes it mysterious. I also like the way they put on the slabs on it. That just awesomely makes the main characters even more “stand out”. Like the dope background music of Jay-Z.

Linkin Park – Waiting For The End


I fell in love to this song because of the beautiful melody when i first heard it. I was like “Oh my god, they’re doing cool stuffs again. How come they always work musics out so good?” And I thought that is adorable.

I don’t really know what their true message is in this song. But I tried to imagine and guess. And here’s what I think of: The word “Fame”, is actually comes from flame. It’ll burn. It was hot. And it’ll shine and adore and impress everyone. But still, the end is to come eventually. When they’re “Waiting for the end to come”, they don’t know “What was left when the fire was gone”. So they feel fear and empty. Still, they wanted to go on, “Wishing I have strength to stand”. Go on and try new stuffs just like they did before. All they wanted to do is “trade this life with something new, Holding on to what I haven’t got”. This is who they are – Linkin Park, always revolutionary, innovative, authentic and never sell out.

I’ve seen many comments on the linkin park websites. Some people are talking about the album A Thousand Suns how it sucked and how it disappointed them. I know some people are persistent to music. They just like to listen to a type of music and don’t prefer the others. But Linkin Park in the first place was a band who is “Hybrid”, I mean they mixes stuffs up. They combine different types of musics together and make awesome tracks. Isn’t it the reason why they got hit by millions of fans back in the days when they first released Hybrid Theory? So why so much complaints? Isn’t that easier to just chill and enjoy the music? I have faith in my favorite band. I was impressed by their artistic honesty and the attitude of never selling out and I do believe their true fans do, too. Following them makes me feel like I’m going on a right path to true art. And the more I follow them, the more I know about this lovely beauty. Thats what I think about my favorite band, as well as my idol Mike Shinoda.