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2nd A.B.C. poetry


My ex


Cap Paint


Brought it with HKD$10 in Megabox. Then I went home and found out how bad the quality is(shape’s uglily crooked…), sosad. So I paint on it. Now it’s better. Does it worth more then $10 now? um…Nope. So, I’ll keep it.

Great Discovery about the Universe


First Earth-Sized Exoplanet Discovered – ScienceNOW

Astronomers have announced the discovery of an extrasolar planet not much larger than Earth—the smallest exoplanet yet found. Although the world orbits too close to its sun to sustain life, the finding is a milestone in the quest to find out how common Earth-sized, habitable planets really are. It also shows that, with some luck and some innovative new technology, astronomers could be announcing the discovery of a habitable Earth-like exoplanet within a few years.

via First Earth-Sized Exoplanet Discovered – ScienceNOW.

working in NASA is really cool.

collision detection: October 2008 Archives


the invisibility cloaks all work by hacking the wave nature of light. The cloak consists of a round barrier around an object that takes incoming waves of light — microwave or visible — and reforms them, almost perfectly, on the other side of the barrier. Since the waves coming out have the same shape as the waves going in, presto: The object becomes invisible.

via collision detection: October 2008 Archives.


A Chinese Citizen’s Letter to the Copenhagen


This is a letter with purposeful meaning in it. Click here to get a better view.

To all nation representatives at the Copenhagen Climate Conference:

Hi, in these days, you have had the world’s most important and hardest conference. And, we have heard your quarrel with each other.

I was born in an ordinary peasant family in China. Just got a better living standard than my past generations. To have a better living, is everyone’s dream. In my hometown, peasant buy electric appliances, build houses, looking for a city’s life. In the city I am living, there are more and more air-conditioners and cars. Everyone here is fighting for a larger space to live.

Unfortunately, we are living in an awkward time. Many people had just wanted to have a wonderful living just like the American and the European who they have been envied all along, suddenly got stopped. My father and mother had a chance to buy an ice box (refrigerator) and get an air-conditioner in these hot days. Then we heard these products are going to attach carbon-releasing tax. The factory that my friend’s working had just closed in these past few days. Because they couldn’t afford the equipment that is conform to the environmental standards. Mates who live in islands are worse. Says their country will be finish if our earth temperature increases in by 1.5 degree.

Of course the people around me and myself wish to have a cleaner, cooler and less climatic disaster living environment, and we would like to pay for it with price that is affordable. But what confuse me is how is this price could be evenly burden by 6 billions human on this planet? Developed and developing countries are living in a huge different quality of life. Is it supposed to be poor countries to continuous be a poor countries, rich countries to continuous be a rich countries, just like the hereditary system carried on generation by generation? If yes, where is the mission for us to fight for the future?

I have been to some impoverished areas in the southwest and northwest China. People there live very tough. Some of them are still fighting for clothing and food. Moreover, their living environment has already affected by the global warming: worsen weather, more ferocious sandstorm, more frequently disasters… They swallowed the bitter price that was planted by the fast growing and development of our world. And the people who plant this bitter price and their generations, are mostly living very wealthy miles away. They said to the people behind, “This is the end”, justify because of this world couldn’t hold this much happiness.

“This is the end” – for a man who has just been in city, for my conscience, it is terrible for me to say. I have no power to ask my fellow villagers to use their backwardness to support other’s happiness. Just as sane as I have no rights to ask all rich people to remove their villas, or stop driving cars. The only thing I could do, is bodies out, lights out, use Energy-saving appliances, use lesser water in shower, wear simple clothes… live simple life but at least not lake of happiness.

Fortunately, around me, more and more people had already joined the line. They pursue healthy and green living ways. Not only this, they also spontaneously went to the impoverished areas to promote marsh gas and solar energy; to the drought areas to help amelioration of traditional planting structure; to the landslide debris areas to develop terrace field. And help the local people to handle the climate changes. Furthermore some people joined eco-civil organization. They supervise industry discharge, optimize city’s planning, and protect general public environment’s rights and interests. Low carbon, reduce carbon, carbon footprints… these new nouns are more and more familiar in Chinese people’s eyes.

“We are not inheriting the planet from our ancestors. However, we are borrowing our descendant’s planet.” Every one of us uses actions to pay responsibility for our planet, for our descendants. Every blood, sweat and tears we paid, will be rewarded in the near future. Even if we have gone, it will leave a deep, far footprint.

The intention of The Copenhagen Conference, is not supposed to be scramble for power and profit, but human’s future. Developed countries put out their sincerity, on the funds, technologies to help the developing country’s Energy-saving emission reduction; Developing countries accord it and cut the coat, put the best effort, do not repeat the developed country’s old road anymore — this is me, an ordinary Chinese citizen’s comprehends of “Stop global warming together”, also my expectation of this conference.

Via – 《人民網》<– this is the original translate version
Author: unknown
Translated by: Orion Wong