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1st A.B.C. poetry






Dear friend,

Hey buddy! Where should I start with? Um… Actually, I think you’re a kid with really great potential. If you’re not so fascinated by arts and musics, you could be a very great ecologist or vet. You just have to keep doing the right thing. Remember, you are what you want to be. And you want to try your best to see if you could achieve in the functional area of science. So you may have a chance to take a job related to the awesome wild animals in the future. I know it’s been a little tough my dear. You were terrified by the fear of failure recently am I right? Dude, I’m telling ya right now. If you fail, thats not a problem. Because thats not the only way. You could just turn to your inborn talent. Painting!

Remember that quote?
“Dreams are like arts of a great artist. Your dreams are your paints. The world is the canvas. And believing, is the brush that turns your dreams into master piece of reality.”

You’re currently in progress of collecting the colors you need to paint your piece. Its not easy. And I know that you’ve been unnecessarily torturing yourself mentally. Forcing yourself to be strong and be the person that you’re not. Which was pretty ridiculous. You don’t have to! You could really enjoy in this learning process. I’ll show you.
Moreover, I understand that you’re desperately craving for the respect of the people around you. Because you’re super insecure and lacking self-esteem. You know what? I think all you need is a little faith. A little belief. Believe in yourself, believe in other people. Believe that things are gonna be alright in the end. And always remember that you’ll be loved. You’re too suspicious, oversensitive, towards what other people think about you in particular. That is what brought out so much negative emotions in you. Lemme tell ya’. Just KEEP CALM & CARRY ON!

Sorry, I have to apologize for calling you stupid, dumbs, retarded moron or f’ing idiots… Those words shouldn’t be ever used to descriptor anyone on earth! I’ll never call you a loser again. You’re bright from the inside I know. And I believe that you’re gonna stand up from where you’ve fallen and be strong again like a big wild cheetah! Keep fighting you smart cat!

Cheer up!

Your soulmate

Tribute to Linkin Park – Castle of Glass


This is a school assignment of a music video review. Also a tribute to the band by a huge fan.

note: If you haven’t seen the video yet, do not read this. Its always better to watch the art piece before looking through another person’s opinions.

A uniformed officer’s message to the family of a deceased serviceman, a broken boy’s despair of a broken promise. The video starts with a quiet and poignant scene.

The boy, who appears to be the protagonist of the video, pace back to his house in slow motion as the painful silence morphs into the melodic intro of the song. Through the lonely corridor, a frustrated push in a vase pours numerous crystals beads of white and blue over the floor which creates a fairly nice visual effect with cold color. The voice of the lead vocalist – Mike Shinoda begins to sing as the glittering crystals slip through under his feet.(Mike’s expression is truly priceless, I’d have to say, that he must’ve mesmerized a lot of fans with his likeness here) As he sings with his signature magnetic voice, the white ceiling above his head shatters into pieces one by one, offering another fairly enjoyable visual effect as well as resonance of emotions to the song.

The chorus sings and the boy’s loneliness matches the sense of the lyrics perfectly. The music video then sets off with a remarkable drop of metallic guitar chords and strong break of splattering glasses piercing through the bandmates and my computer screen. Which hits like like a massive wave. And there it goes, the unstoppable train of effusive catharsis rushes through the air scattered in fragments of the “castle of glass” and then to the  highlighted refrains.

The story moves on as the band members scene turns back to the scene where the boy is looking over his father’s bedroom. Theres a hand written letter which I couldn’t actually read but my guess is something like “Dear son, when you read this I’m probably in heaven…” that is to reassure his boy not to grief because he was very proud to be a warfighter. There is a medal of honor, which I’m not sure if I could call it a product placement(The video game is involved in the production of this MV). And there is a nice cream-colored cap with a cool frog skeleton printed on it. Meanwhile, as the boy looks at the cap with endless yearning of his dearest father, there is this special scene where everything including the splattering glasses freeze and the intensity of the music halts. Then Chester would sing softly “’cause I’m only a crack in this castle of glass, hardly anything else I need to be” as he delicately grabs a piece of glass in the air and then put it back to let it flow back to the restored motion after the line finishes. What a brilliant attempt to implicate the look at the pain in the past and to let go and carry on! Also the act of putting on the cap represents the boy’s determination to succeed his father’s role and legacy.

Moreover, I like how the ending echoes the opening where the boy grows up to join the air force and becomes the man to inform families of the deceased soldiers.

To sum up, this MV is a great production of astounding graphics, realistic storyline with extended metaphors and well-conceived messages. And the compelling sensibility of the song fits so perfectly i can feel the poignancy in it. As well as a kind eulogy to war-fighters.

And don’t forget to leave a comment! Anything, including to discuss about the art or improve my writing skills, is welcomed.;)

Song review – All I Need by Radiohead


I was asked to write a review about a love song on an english writing course. “All I Need” by Radiohead was the first one that came to my mind. Which is probably written by Thom Yorke(I’m not sure I can’t find this info in wiki which sucked) the vocalist of the band in their seventh album “In Rainbows” released in 2008 on TBD records.

“Radiohead are an English rock band from Abingdon, Oxfordshire, formed in 1985. The band consists of Thom Yorke (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Jonny Greenwood (lead guitar, keyboards, other instruments), Colin Greenwood (bass), Phil Selway (drums, percussion) and Ed O’Brien (guitar, backing vocals).” – Wiki

This song like most alterative/experimental rock musics, is not composed of heavy danceable beats and catchy singer like the pop ones that will catch your ears the first time you hear them. But I’m the kind of person that always desire to avoid following mainstreams, like a hipster. Anyway, I love this song for its lyrics and artistic conception.

The song begins with a series of somber base violin verse from the keyboard, followed by electric bass with light beats like cartilages trying to hold the instruments together. So expressive I can feel my heart resonating with the violin strings. Then the vocal by Thom York, who has the best glowering voice, joins the delicate rhythm of gloom.

“I’m an animal traps in your hot car…I’m all the days that you choose to ignore. You’re all I need, I’m in the middle of your picture, lying in the reefs”

“I am a moth who just wants to share your light, I’m just an insect trying to get out of the dark. I only stick with you because there are no others.”

Then comes the instrumental break of the awesome piano verse with electronic guitar(for the synthesis thing I guess) played by Yorke and Colin Greenwood. Provoking and intensive makes me stick with the song even tighter. And it feels like something inside is about to pour out. Next second, the super sobbing vocal breaks in, repeating “its all right” and “its all wrong” blurry indicating serious confusion has grown inside. Whether loving a person is such a way is right or wrong is unable to be determined clearly. Then finally the vocal and the instruments altogether stops and gives the song a faint end. I have to say that I really love this ending here, really blew my mind!

I know many others will have different perspectives in lyrics analysis. To me this song has definitely used metaphor telling a sad love story about one who can’t gain love from the person he/she loved. Like a girl fell in love with a much older or distant man who she’d never gain affection from. The animal who had been trapped, the i moth who had been flying towards the deadly flame, the insect who had been trying to get out of the dark, they’re all referring to that girl who’s stubborn and absurd enough to continue her desire toward the impossible man. Because there are emptiness and shadows in her world which she desperate to escape. Using tiny creatures to represent the character of the song is an attempt to express the self-insignificant feeling of him/her. Which makes sense as Radiohead i 1992 had released a debut single “Creep” which is an inferior song that posses self-insignificant feelings too.

I’d really like to hear more different views on this song. Feel free to comment!



“I’m just an insect trying to get out of the dark..”