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Mechanical cheetah — Engadget


Very amazing sculptures of animals. The glittering eyes are just adorable and gorgeous. Love this artist. And it reminds me of transformer!


Jeremy Fish – The Ambush


Mike shared with us the artist – Jeremy Fish on his blog yesterday. Now this is my second favorite artist other than Mike. I like the style so much. The way he draw the characters are so lovely yet fine. it kind of have an optimistic feel. And the background is simply adorable. Night forest not only looks cool but also makes it mysterious. I also like the way they put on the slabs on it. That just awesomely makes the main characters even more “stand out”. Like the dope background music of Jay-Z.

Unicorn In Captivity

Here sits the Unicorn
In captivity;
His bright invulnerability
Captive at last;
The Chase long past,
Winded and spent,
By the king’s spears rent;
Collared and tied
To a pomengranate tree–
Here sits the Unicorn
In captivity,
Yet free.Here sits the Unicorn;
His overtakelessness
Bound by a circle small
As a maid’s embrace;
Ringed by a round corral;
Pinioned in place
By a fence of scarlet rail,
Fragile as a king’s crown,
Delicately laid down
Over horn, hoofs, and tail,
As a butterfly net
Is lightly set.He could leap the corral,
If he rose
To his full height;
He could splinter the fencing light,
With three blows
Of his porcelain hoofs in flight–
If he chose.
He could shatter his prison wall,
Could escape them all–
If he rose,
If he chose.

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