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“We’re too rebellious, stubborn and selfish to follow the path that leads to love” – Heaven ministry

“You see a meadow rich in flower & foliage and your memory rests upon it as an image of peaceful beauty. It is a delusion… Not a bird twitters but is either slayer or slain and… not a moment passes in that holocaust, in every hedge & every copse battle, murder & sudden death are the order of the day.”
-T.H.Huxley. Draft of Manchester address. 1887


Missgiving Cheetah

Hopeless Eye

Hopeless Eye

VA lesson’s work – Little fox walking on snow


Skull doodle

Skull doodle – Photoshoped

Design – I drew this for promoting CCF =)


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  1. Your first peice-love it!!!! It gives me an awesome feeling for it, such strong emotion. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I would love to hang it in my room (if it was big enough :P) Drowning, is my favorite.
    Second picture below drowning-was your insparation Packaso? (dont know how to spell it) or Edvard Munch? I love the color and how it twists, XD.
    Missgiving Cheetah gives me such a strong apperence of Africa, the strong, bold and tough background. But also cultrual. :).
    Hopeless eye is a great drawing, 🙂 still working on my noses!! haha!!!
    Little fox in snow reminds me of a little boy seeing this in his own vision, it’s quiet meaningful in a way. 😀 The colors are beautiful.
    Still LOVE dat Skull Doodle, and with the CCF, i love the way your painted dat cheetah. It reminds me of Japanese or Chinese oil paints. Your Tree is very gracefull, i love the right side of it how the black dust (or specks) along with the leaves flow…
    The appreciation card: SO CUTE.

    • Oh Breena Thank you sooo much for your appreciation! You’re such a great person, You just made my day!
      It’s great for you to have a chance to study art in school and have professional teachers of art. Good luck for the nose work. I’m sure you can do better than mine. coz i can’t draw whole face, i’m juz good at drawing a particular part of a face realistically.i’m lack of practice=p.
      btw, who do you reckon the man is in the pink area of the 2nd piece?

      looking forward to appreciate and learn from your arts!=D

  2. no prob, it’s rare when i find someone who shares the same intrests as me. Your art work seems professional to me, i like it. 😀 And i’m so sorry for taking so long, i’ve been quiet busy with school work and stuff. But i never get tired of looking at your Drowning painting, :D. And ur faces arent’ dat bad, trust me, i have trouble with making the eyes even length, :P, but noses are horrible when i go sideway view. But i’ll keep working on it, though i’m a bit rusty since i haven’t had good paper to draw on for a while… :(. But, keep working at it, your art is beautiful, and maybe i’ll post my drawings, paintings and stuff, but i’m very particular with only curtain people seeing my art. i don’t know how to keep it safe from unwanting eyes. 🙂

  3. In the second peice, the man seem lonely, but he’s in the perfect spot. Idk who the man is, maybe he reminds me of Mike S.

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