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Hi, my name is Orion Wong. I’m a high school kid who live in Hong Kong. I love nature, art, music and studying. I love doing paintings and listening to musics in my spare time. My favorite band is Linkin Park,  they’re awesome, no matter new or old style. Mike Shinoda is a great man and he is my idol. He did a lot of changes on his band recently. Some people doesn’t like the new sounds but he didn’t give up because of them. He’s the kind of artist that is authentic and will never “sell-out”. There are so many things to learn from this guy. I also love his artworks which are based on pop and japanese cultures are really cool. I’d like to see his artshows but I don’t live in LA which is a pity.

I also like to work hard in school because I desire to work with wild animals in the future. Wildlife rehabilitation or vet would be my goal. I enjoy contributing to the world, because that makes me feel satisfactied and self-worthy.

Dream big, work hard and don’t be an a**hole.” – Mike Shinoda

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My dog Chicky


my favorite animal=)


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    • Hey Breena, long time no see. Thanks for your comments here. They always cheer me up! How are your art works going? Are there any new cool pieces from you? would like to see them. =)

  1. In reply to npapadakis: I have made drafts for the paintings that I wanted to make. But I don’t have time to actually paint now as I’m having public exam in 5 months. Really stressful, not sure if I could get into University. And I’m not as confident as I was before(when wrote this blog entry).

    Anyway It sounds great to explore philosophy as I’m always thinking things like morality and altruism. Have you heard of “The Price of Altruism” by the way? Its a really sophisticated book for me that I find really hard to fully understand it. It’ll be my honor to have this discussed with a knowledgable scholar like you. Thx.

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