Dear friend,

Hey buddy! Where should I start with? Um… Actually, I think you’re a kid with really great potential. If you’re not so fascinated by arts and musics, you could be a very great ecologist or vet. You just have to keep doing the right thing. Remember, you are what you want to be. And you want to try your best to see if you could achieve in the functional area of science. So you may have a chance to take a job related to the awesome wild animals in the future. I know it’s been a little tough my dear. You were terrified by the fear of failure recently am I right? Dude, I’m telling ya right now. If you fail, thats not a problem. Because thats not the only way. You could just turn to your inborn talent. Painting!

Remember that quote?
“Dreams are like arts of a great artist. Your dreams are your paints. The world is the canvas. And believing, is the brush that turns your dreams into master piece of reality.”

You’re currently in progress of collecting the colors you need to paint your piece. Its not easy. And I know that you’ve been unnecessarily torturing yourself mentally. Forcing yourself to be strong and be the person that you’re not. Which was pretty ridiculous. You don’t have to! You could really enjoy in this learning process. I’ll show you.
Moreover, I understand that you’re desperately craving for the respect of the people around you. Because you’re super insecure and lacking self-esteem. You know what? I think all you need is a little faith. A little belief. Believe in yourself, believe in other people. Believe that things are gonna be alright in the end. And always remember that you’ll be loved. You’re too suspicious, oversensitive, towards what other people think about you in particular. That is what brought out so much negative emotions in you. Lemme tell ya’. Just KEEP CALM & CARRY ON!

Sorry, I have to apologize for calling you stupid, dumbs, retarded moron or f’ing idiots… Those words shouldn’t be ever used to descriptor anyone on earth! I’ll never call you a loser again. You’re bright from the inside I know. And I believe that you’re gonna stand up from where you’ve fallen and be strong again like a big wild cheetah! Keep fighting you smart cat!

Cheer up!

Your soulmate


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