Jane Goodall helps humans and animal live together


“There is no sharp line between humans and the rest of the animal kingdom. Its a very very blurry line. And its getting more blurry as we make even more observation.” – Jane Goodall

And many people are still having the concept that humans are very far from the animals because with their technology they can do whatever they want from nature. While some of the animals are even better than us in some particular ways, for example they’ll work so hard for food, for survival and their whole life. What about us? We have have a problem called uneven distribution of wealth in our city of china. Same thing happened to the globe. And how we get those free water, excess food, easy habitats? Scrambling the land. Take from nature. Take from the animals. But some of us just take them for granted and waste them all. We thought their environment threat is their own business. But we’re actually a whole family. Our well-being will influence each other through the food chain, the web of life. So how can we say that we’re separated by our differences or position?


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