Death Cab For Cutie – Home Is A Fire


This is one of the good music shared by Mike on his blog. I love it. I just can’t help falling in love with these epic, says it all lyrics:

Plates they will shift
Houses will shake
Fences will drift
We will awake Only to find…
Nothings the same Nothings the same…

With walls built up around us
The bricks make me nervous
They’re only so strong love…

The chorus simply makes me think of natural disaster(earthquake) and the end of the world. Reminds us that the things we are having right now is not taken for granted. Our world could be destroyed in a wink of eye. So we should cherish what we are having right now. Thats what I think about this song. Do you feel the same too? Actually I don’t understand some of the lyrics. Hope that someday i’ll find the meaning. I love figuring out meanings in musics.


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