Linkin Park – Waiting For The End


I fell in love to this song because of the beautiful melody when i first heard it. I was like “Oh my god, they’re doing cool stuffs again. How come they always work musics out so good?” And I thought that is adorable.

I don’t really know what their true message is in this song. But I tried to imagine and guess. And here’s what I think of: The word “Fame”, is actually comes from flame. It’ll burn. It was hot. And it’ll shine and adore and impress everyone. But still, the end is to come eventually. When they’re “Waiting for the end to come”, they don’t know “What was left when the fire was gone”. So they feel fear and empty. Still, they wanted to go on, “Wishing I have strength to stand”. Go on and try new stuffs just like they did before. All they wanted to do is “trade this life with something new, Holding on to what I haven’t got”. This is who they are – Linkin Park, always revolutionary, innovative, authentic and never sell out.

I’ve seen many comments on the linkin park websites. Some people are talking about the album A Thousand Suns how it sucked and how it disappointed them. I know some people are persistent to music. They just like to listen to a type of music and don’t prefer the others. But Linkin Park in the first place was a band who is “Hybrid”, I mean they mixes stuffs up. They combine different types of musics together and make awesome tracks. Isn’t it the reason why they got hit by millions of fans back in the days when they first released Hybrid Theory? So why so much complaints? Isn’t that easier to just chill and enjoy the music? I have faith in my favorite band. I was impressed by their artistic honesty and the attitude of never selling out and I do believe their true fans do, too. Following them makes me feel like I’m going on a right path to true art. And the more I follow them, the more I know about this lovely beauty. Thats what I think about my favorite band, as well as my idol Mike Shinoda.


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