2011 SLP


I’m satisfied in this craziest year I’ve ever had. 

I played the main character of a drama script written by my classmate! I was so excited because that means my acting skill has improved. At the months before competition. We’d practice hard. It’s been unhappy and tough, because while practicing i realize that I’m not doing so good. My problem is my voice is not big enough, and no matter how I try to make it loud, it just looked weird. That was really knotty that I nearly want to give up. I have to thank my friends who had been encouraging me by tutoring me and tapping me on my shoulders.  

The most startling part in this year, is in the 2011. The volleyball team was lacking a back-up. I joined them for the sake of helping my friend. Can you believe this? Who would want to join the volleyball team at form 4? And who would like to be terribly tired and exhausted after every practices? We have practice on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after school, even in every lunch! Why would I do that to myself? My friends probably all think that I ‘d gone mad. Anyway, after all the pain, sweat and tears, we got the second place in competition. What’s more, is that I had earned few things in the process: The volleyball skills, efficiency and most importantly – Hard working. I never truly understand “The harder you work the more you’ll get.” until I met the volleyball team. I had experienced how hard my teammates worked and how good they have become. I’m sure If I work as hard as in the volleyball team, I’ll get higher marks. Also, as the book 7 Habits told me. We cannot always live in our “Comfort zone”. We ought to be dare to try new things and tough challenges. Therefore we can make breakthroughs and see new things. So I did it. I broke my comfort zone. Although there were times when my days are filled with drills, drama rehearsals, competitions and studying and that has been a really harsh time for me. I’m not regretting it. Because I know it was worth it.

In addition, I’ve read four inspiring books this year: Tuesday With Morrie, Have A Little Faith, Five People You Meet In Heaven and The Last Lecture. They’re all good books about life. I have learnt many things about how to live a good life. “Love others or die” is a remarkable quote from Tuesday With Morrie. we ought to appreciate the goods and accept the flaws of other people. Another thing I learned in Mitch Albom’s books is the truth about anger. “We think that hating is a weapon that attacks the person who harmed us. But hatred is a curved blade. And the harms we do, we do to ourselves.” These golden lines have been planted in my mind. There is a short story told by a churchman in Have A Little Faith. A salesman knocked on a family’s house each day for several times, the family was annoyed and spitted on his face on the third day he knocked the door. To my surprise, the salesman didn’t even appear to be angry or frustrated. He took out a handkerchief to wipe his face and said with a smile, “Must be raining.” This, is what faith is. It’s enough to make me say  “It’s okay.” when my friend broke a promise or did something wrong. In The Last Lecture, I was impressed by how positive the author Randy Pausch is toward his life and his incurable disease. He taught me to look for the best in others, to fulfill our childhood dreams, to admit our mistakes and pride. “Brick walls are there for some reason, it let us show how badly we want something.” This line has encouraged me not to be afraid of the harsh things in my future, such as public exam. This book has changed my attitude as well, there is a chapter that talks about how you can make things worse during critical time. So if theres a chance to make things better, why not try our best to accomplish them? So i said to myself, “From now on I’m gonna do my best in everyday!” Finally, the most of all the things I’ve learnt from these extraordinary books is that time is a really valuable thing. Although life seems like a long trip. We do not have infinite of time. Sometimes we’ll even find that life is actually shorter than we thought. Therefore, we don’t want to waste any minute we have. I want to use my time well, as well as studying. 

In academy, I had chosen science as my main subject last year other than choosing art. And it turns out quite good. I’m learning even more knowledge and I enjoy studying it. However, I’m not giving up my dream of art. I spent my leisure time in school painting in the art room. Miss. Leung is kind enough to let me use the brushes and paints in the room. I enjoy painting so much! A quote says, “Dreams are like the paints of a great artist. Your dreams are your paints, the world is your canvas. Believing, is the brush that converts your dreams into a masterpiece of reality.” I think it has missed one thing – Knowledge. Our knowledge is our pigment that turn our painting into colorful and glorious masterpiece of reality. So what I’m doing today, is collecting more different pigment I need for my dream. I want to either be a scientist who reach for the universe and explore the unknown to find material source on the other planet, or a vet to save the wild lives just like the experts on TV that I admire. I also wish to create my own art show in the future! Oh, I just can’t wait to see what my paint would become.


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  1. Hi Orion,

    I truly believe you are spending very much precious time!!

    I like your tohught on writing above. I can understand and agree with you from my bottom based on my experience in the high school age.

    My father told me when I was 18 “The value of you life will depends on How many times you are moved (impressed)”. We can be moved by anything, seeing beautiful nature, building strong friendship, listening words by people, family warmth, accomplishment… anything. But I realize that the more we seriously live everyday, the more impressive moments and growth we can get. It’s all up to us.

    So, I am very good to read your writing. I realize You are liveing everyday very seriously. You must be serious to be happy!! Keep smiling!!


    • Hi Hitoshi san,

      I’m sorry for replying this late because I haven’t been on here for a while. I’m so happy that you’re viewing my blog! Your words just made my day and I really appreciate it. I agree that living our life seriously is very important. Because life was not taken for granted. We could be gone anytime. Plus life is actually very short. I always try to imagine what would I think of if I’m about to die(probably becoz i watched too much mitch albom’s books, hehe). And 2012 is a very good reminder for cherishing our life. Though I don’t truly believe in it.

      Thank you so much for commenting here! It is my pleasure!


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