(The strongest storm in 200 years is heading to south china sea)

I looked outside through the window

The trees were moving slowly

I was waiting for someone

Someone who I knew he would come to carry me away

Far away from here…



The wind starts blowing

I can feel my hair dancing

I close my eyes in the cold air

All i can hear is the whispering of the wind

and the flapping sound from the roadside

like the starving homeless men

Using their last strength beating on the floor for a cent


Trees are shaking with misery violently

Crying and moaning in front of us

Trying to stretch in every directions

Asking us for some conscious


So come here

My dear holy Storm

Come blow me away

Blow me far away from here

My soul will fly with you

So please come to us

We’ve been waiting for you

To carry away what we’ve done…


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