Chemistry “Theory” – Love


There are so many sayings about love. Some say love is a river. Some say love is a flower. Some say love is our strength… That depends on different personality i think.

For me, I’d like to say, Love is a very strong force/bond between human-beings. And It’s much stronger than covalent bond and ionic bond. So, if the world is like “we love each other”. Then we’ll have a world of giant structure, that is even stronger than diamond. In reverse, if our society is like “i hate black people” or “People with white skin are god”. Then, we’d probably have a society of simple structure, which is as fragile as a sandwich.

So, “Love others, or die.” is as reasonable as the reason we hate others. We ought to love others, or we’ll live in loneliness.


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  1. hi Orion, I like to read your blog when I find some good inspiring thoughts from you. I can feel your inner self is growing faster everyday.
    Your Chemistry “Theory” of Love is a very good metaphor to tell what love is it and why it’s so important.
    How do we love each other? this may be our next question to answer and you may want to tell me your thoughts more.


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