Spiderman 3


I just finished buying the crazy form 4 books and got chicky back home from the vet. He has sterilized. Still active though. He’s just like a drunk now.

So now i’m here, exhausted. Don’t want to do my summer work. I had a thought to write a review for the film Spiderman 3 i watched last night. I paid my sleeping time to watch it. Thats why my eyes are so tired this morning. I’m in purpose to improve my writing and appraise skills and also to appreciate a movie. You should know, I’m not advertising. I’m just writing my thoughts.

Overall, this movie is very fine. And it gave me thoughts and taught me a lesson. Apparently, this episode is about choice, anger, revenge, resentment and of course, love. Most of the movies includes love, you see. In the movie, Petter keep losing the important things around him. His job, his best friend Harry, his loved one MaryJane and even himself. He lost himself in the hole lot of anger, frustration, sorrow and the longing to revenge. And i can see that the scenes of Petter holding his spiderman suit are filmed very finely. So the black suit represent the negative things in Petter’s mind (anger, frustration). It seemed to provide the power for Petter to do things he’ll regret and turn him into things that he’s not. However the red one which was created by himself represents the true himself and justice, braveness and spirit the bright things at the same time.

Now lets take a look at the message. I love the lines of Aunt may, “I don’t think it’s for us to say whether a person deserves to live or die.” and Mary jane, “Sometimes people needs help, even spiderman.” And at the bottom line of the movie, it is exactly the same principle Professor Dumbledore(character in Harry Potter) told us – “It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices” Which is the main thing this movie want us to understand. In the movie we see people are fighting to do something they will regret: Harry tried to revenge his father, Petter revenge to Marko and Eddie Brock, Eddie Brock revenge to Petter back. At the scene when Petter pulled his symbiote suit fell on to Eddie and took over his body. This represents Petter’s anger transferred to Eddie and bring him to darkness. This is the consequences of not controlling our self from taking over by anger. Thats why EQ is very important.

Now I’m going to talk about the actors. Actually, I think the overall actors and actress are okay. I think the actress of aunt May and Mary Jane has the most impressive performance. Its just my opinion, they’re just so impressive to me. And… actually i think the actor of Petter Parkor is not… enough. I think he could do even better. And by the way the most interesting and mysterious (maybe weird) part is, where Petter went to the night club with Gwen. When they got to sit down at the table. I saw a man behind their table who looks exactly like Harry’s father. I don’t know if i was sort of giddiness or its true. That is just weird. Is the director trying to make some unforgettable scene or something? Well i don’t think that is a good idea…

Anyway, i think spiderman is a fine movie series but of course there are things they can improve a lot that could make the whole movie a LOT better. The spaces of progress is rather big. As my father said, the stories contain in Spiderman are not so many and the director couldn’t seem to combine and polish. You should know thats mean to see a character said just few lines and never appear again without knowing his/her final. I mean Marko the sand man. I had no idea where he gone at the end.

Okay, so thats it. Chicky is now sleeping. I sang Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star* for him. =)


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