My SLP(Self Learning Project)


Unlike the last two years, this year has been rich and wealthy. I daresay, it was crazy and been an great evolution.

This year, I had have joined many extra-curriculum activities. I participated choir, musical and drama.  I dedicated to them and the rewards are pretty sweet. My choir team had made the second place in the competition. The drama performance was great. I’ve also took part in the music festival’s solo singing and accompaniment, speech festival’s english solo declaim and english duologue. I gained loads of learning experiences from them. There were times when my days are filled with drills, rehearsals, competitions and study at the same time. They gave me chances to cooperate with others.

Moreover I read a book – “The 7 Habits of highly effective teenagers” by S. Covey. This is a useful book for teenager like me. It worked very well on me. It taught me so many things that helps me to be a better and healthier person. It is very great. They helped me improving my relationship with my peers and balancing my life.

I learnt to listen from the habit – “Seek first to Understand, Then to be Understood”. After I understood this habit, I realized that listen to others to understand them is very important. That it is the key to heal a broken heart, a friendship and to cooperate. In addition, my communication and cooperation skills are improved from the habit “Synergize”. It encouraged me to accept diversity instead of prejudicing others. The hardest habit of all to me is “First thing First”. Because I always get caught by excess of internet surfing and couldn’t take off to do my very first thing. I wish to achieve this habit as soon as possible.

Under the guide of The 7 Habit and the activities I participated, my communication and cooperation skills are getting better and better.

On the other hand, I am glad that I have no longer go to Room N602 because I hadn’t owe homework for a long time. I just owed two times. I look forward to see zero of homework owing at the next year.

I was also enlighten by the famous fiction Harry Potter. My favorite character Albus Dumbledore is a wise man who tells many golden words and lines that enriched my mind.

I have determined to study Science as well, though my most loved interest is art. Why didn’t I choose art? It is because I have a mission, of dedicating to help the world. At these decade you see, there are tons of problems waiting on this planet for us to solve. So I think it is not the time for me to play with my interest. The world is far more important than that. Therefore I made the choice of studying science. I could join the inventing scientist to invent a new energy instead the pollutive oil, or I may found it myself and I can make a invent group by myself. Then every wonderful thing on this planet can be saved. How wonderful is it to see the world become problem-less and peaceful. Of course I know perfectness doesn’t exist. At least it could keep our lives go on.

Golden line found this year: Go confidently towards the direction of your dream. Live the live you have imagined. – Henry D. Thareau


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  1. Orion,
    I’m so happy to see your fruitful life and passionate in becoming a successful student. Your personal achievements are inspiring and encouraging. I am impressed by your mission to dedicate your life long learning as a scientist to save our planet in your future career. We need more and more young people like you so that our society and community will be with hope and HK got talents and leaders!

    • Dad,
      I think you’re young person that make the society and community become hopeful and peace! You’re the leader! You really rock! xD
      Your “doctor”,

      • Hi “doctor” Orion,

        Thank you very much for your kind words and encouragement. I am the oldest youth in my age. My heart is very young all the time!
        Keep on your cool work in painting when you have time for leisure…i’m still working hard to become the BEST trainer, facilitator and consultant in China. This is my mission to help others unleash their potentials. You are my great “doctor”! 🙂


  2. Dear Orion,

    I recently met your dad in Shanghai and had a wonderful dinner with him. I can see in your blog, which your dad proudly pointed out to me, that you are following in his great tradition of pushing the boundaries of your knowledge and experience and finding your mission in life. You write most intelligently and deeply about your life and your dreams and your hope to make an impact on this imperfect world. I can see very well how he is so very proud of you and I hope someday to meet you and your brother and mom.

  3. Dear Orion,

    I will be meeting your dad for dinner in Shanghai in a couple of hours to catch-up. I met your dad years ago and know him to be a person that is most enthusiatic abouyt life and I can see a little of that passion in the things you write. Good luck in your various endeavors!

  4. Dear Orion,

    Thanks for your beautiful and passionate writing. It really inspired me a lot 🙂 I used to want to work at UN or some NGO, and now am working at a training company. I still have a dream to make my own NGO in the future. Please remember that there are so many ways to save the world and make peace. Dedicating to science is one way, and developing your beautiful art is also another way. You can do both at the same time. Your tiger painting is so special and inspirational. It could heal and inspire people’s mind 🙂

    PS. At this very moment I am writing this comment, your father just showed up my office in Shanghai. What a coincidence! Life is too interesting.

    • Hi Asuka,
      Thanks for your appreciation! Yea your right, life is really wonderful. And I am think exactly the same way to improve the world, I wish that i can do art and science both well, my plan is study science in the first place, then if i do it well, I’ll go on study art, if i couldn’t, I’ll just put my effort on science and just view art as an interest. I’m so happy that you like my cheetah drawing=D, I’m sorry that it looks like a tiger, I’ll make it better next time!x]
      And by the way, I’m curious about the NGO you’ve mentioned, can you tell me more about it?

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